Students & Success

Thank you to all of my past and present students who have taken the time to let me know how their forensic science education has led them to exciting and rewarding careers. Some thought they'd never make it through the classes, but through lots of hard work and perseverance many have gone on to make me proud to have been part of their training and education. This page is dedicated to my students from the past, the present, and the future.

Cristina Pino &

Cristina Pino is part of the all-woman team that handles all of the forensic work for the Torrance Police Department. Cristina moved to the United States from Naples, Italy to further her forensic education.

Cristie Ramirez Fish


Cristina Fish Ramirez, Forensic Specialist
with Pasadena PD, is another outstanding
former student who is now teaching
Criminalistics at ELAC.








John Green - Forensic Attendant, Adriana Arroyo - Forensic Specialist
John Green - Forensic Attendant - LA County Coroner's Office
Adriana Arroyo - Forensic Specialist - Beverly Hills PD

Below are some of my many forensic science students who have joined the ranks of local agencies and have put their knowledge and experience to work.

Karina Peck - Dog Handler
LA County Coroner

Karina Peck - Dog Handler, LA County Coroner

Riverside PD
Dawn Boggs-Fatten

Riverside PD


Angel Gonzalez

Fingerprint Expert II - LASD




Josie Mejia - Looking for Evidence